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darbas iš casa schio

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Iš tėvų išmokau darbštumo ir atsakomybės Darbas iš casa schio Page Contents — 5 dear customer, please read and comply with these original instructions prior to the initial operation of your ap- pliance and store them for later use or subsequent owners. In accordance with the descriptions and the safety information in these op- erating instructions the appliance is in- tende Page Electrical Connection — 6 our kÄrcher branch will be pleased to help you further in the case of ques- tions or faults.

darbas iš casa schio

At the end of the operating instructions you will find a selected list of spare parts that are often required. You can procure the spare parts and the attachments from your dealer or your kÄrcher branch Page Warning — 7 max.

darbas iš casa schio

Warning certain materials may produce explosive vapours or mixtures when agitated by the suction air! Never vacuum up the following materials: — explosive or darbas iš casa schio gases, liquids and dust parti- cles reactive dust particles — reactive metal dust par Page 19 — 8 position 0 : the appliance is switched off.

Pradžia darbas visas kolegijų normas. Studijų organizavimas Pirmosios instancijos teismo sprendimo esmė 4Jonavos rajono apylinkės teismo m. Vilniaus dizaino kolegijos Privatumo politika Bendrosios nuostatos 1. Prieš pradėdami naudotis Interneto svetaine, jūs privalote atidžiai perskaityti ir susipažinti šia Politika.

Electric tool is sup- plied with voltage. Note : observe the maximum connect- ed load see chapter "technical da- ta".

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Illustration to connect an electric tool. Illustration connect the suction hose to the blower connection, this will activate the blo Page Caution — 9 illustration note : do not use a filter bag for wet vacuuming!

darbas iš casa schio

Caution always work with an inserted flat fold filter - during wet as well darbas iš casa schio dry vacuum cleaning!

Illustration push the suction hose into the con- nection on the appliance, it darbas iš casa schio in place. In order to disconnect it, push down wit.

darbas iš casa schio

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