Vsd 15 min 1h prekybos sistema

vsd 15 min 1h prekybos sistema

They are very good in support and in after sale services. Thumbs up for them!!! Oct 26, I have hosted my 3 websites with Easyhost. They have a good response time.

Their support is very good!!

Oct 24, Hi I am Saida, Owner of shipcitylogistics. I have services with EasyHost. They have very good support and sales team. There uptime is very good. They are always available for support. One thing I have liked about them that I got some email problems due to my own mistake in Eid Holidays, as I am shipper I can't miss any of my emails.

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I have just whatsapp them for support and there support member has solved it in couple of minutes. Team EasyHost you rocked!! Oct 13, They helped us move from another provider and setup a server for as per our need.

We are saving hundreds of dollars every month in cost.

Oct 12, So Pathetic, they never reply on support ticket. They have no knowledge of CPanel. My support tickets are opened for the past 6 months and i have been chasing them down on whatsapp but they never respond back.

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May 31, Excellent uptime and support - their whatsapp support is usually the fastest! The best point about them is that the owners are experienced in managing heavy sites vsd 15 min 1h prekybos sistema therefore they are able to understand your needs with big projects.

Čia aš dėl Berlyno. Existing schedule as follow.

Aug 07, Satisfied and highly recommended! They kept their promise by not increasing the price and offer the same specs next years as well.

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I have have skyhost before them but i am unfortunate that i moved by site to easyhost. Unlike others their IP addresses are not being blacklisted, they say they use dynamic ips to send out mails and have there have better delivery.

Apr 27, Very Very Poor service.

The support team did not respond on your any queries, donot buy any thing either domain or hosting Feb 23, I am impressed with Easyhost's web hosting service - its been quite a few months that i have been their client.

Their support team is excellent - they were able to guide me about the website setup and development as well. Feb 18, Trečios klasės prieglobos paslaugų teikėjas neperka.

Mano internetinė svetainė mažėja valandas per dieną Jie tikrai nežino, kaip valdyti verslą.

Nėra palaikymo vsd 15 min 1h prekybos sistema easyhost. Charged me for 2 years and there is no way now to get hold of them. No support, No uptimes site is down after ever 1 hour in day, no refunds, no live chat, no support calls, i would give 0 stars if possible. Donot waste your money on that hosting Oct 24, I have 8 domains with easyhost.

They have tremendous quality of providing support. They are very friendly and help us whenever we need them They have a excellent service in Pakistan Feb 04, Aš užregistravau savo klientams porą domenų, ir jie socgen akcijų pasirinkimo sandoriai skyrė asmeninį dėmesį visoms paskyroms.

Jų kaina taip pat yra pergalingas taškas Mar 10, Well. The most poor servers they have. Always down. I was idiot to buy it. If you are going to use the service, must think, are you idiot?

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Aug 29, unprofessional attitude of this hosting service. Nulis palaikymo internetu ir jie neturi biuro.

Simonas Bartkus | Blog » „Air Lituanica“ skraidins iš Vilniaus į Paryžių

Jie atidarė šią įmonę namuose ir negali nurodyti, kur apsilankyti jų biure namuose. Sep 19, Nėra palaikymo bilietams ir telefono skambučiams easyhost. Jis negauna skambučių, net jei neturi techninės patirties, niekada niekam nerekomenduosiu pirkti prieglobos ar kitų paslaugų iš easyhost. Oct 11, Third class service ever.

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It was my worst experience with the team. They dont know how to talk or how to support.

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They just started it with 0 experience and dont know anything. That is why they do not respond to the tickets or attend the call. Oct 15, overall good value for money, they are not perfect but they provide decent hosting for the price and i am happy to see such a company in Pakistan Oct 15, They setup my account on brand new server and it rocks!

All good so far Jan 13, Never buy from them. They are paidos, unprofessional and unethical people.

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Don't even know how to reply to customers. I'm frustrated!!!! Mar 02, Very unprofessional attitude. Don't respond to calls or whatsapp message.

Response to support tickets is also very very slow. I'll say the customer service is equal to being not present. Do not ever purchase from here.

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